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Born * 1967.
Since 1997 freelance photographer.
1998 Founding of the studio Kayser Photography.
Member of the renowned German Association of Freelance Photo Designers BFF since 1999.
Since 2005 passionate work in automotive, people and landscape photography.

I have travelled all over the world, experienced many countries, got to know interesting people, developed exciting productions. I have often worked with secret automobile prototypes under exciting circumstances and after all these years I still love what I do.
Working with a motivated team and bringing home great results together is of upmost importance for me.  I remain curious and I am always ready to try out new things. My work still gives me a kick every day. It’s not a job – it’s a passion.

Frank Kayser



Frank Kayser


Here comes the RBook. ( R like RGroup )
I have been photographing automobiles professionally for many years – whether for Porsche at the 24H of LeMans,
for Mercedes Benz at the Great Wall of China or for Lamborghini on an aircraft carrier.
My image compositions were loud, powerful and masculine. It always had to be faster higher further. But at some point this becomes too one-dimensional, you ask yourself
can that be all ? Where are the quieter themes, the nuances?

I had always wanted to self-publish a book and then chance came to my rescue.

An American friend told me about a notorious Californian group that was more of a secret lodge than a Porsche club. That made me curious.
Suddenly it was the subject for a photo book I had been waiting for a long time.

The RGroup is a bunch of dazzling characters and personalities, from a simple butcher to a Havard professor, everything is at the start. In the club it is never about status, here is friendship, individualism and fun in the first place. All drive an old converted Porsche from the 60s or 70s. Each of the 300 or so members is nominated by the other members.So you can’t just join, you have to have earned your membership first.

Sure, there are books on the subject of automobiles galore, especially those that serve common clichés, there are too many. A book like the RBook certainly not yet.

I wanted to create a work that is different, wanted to show real life, emotions and passion rather than polished expensive sheet metal.the people should be the focus.
I needed artistic freedom and didn’t want anyone to tell me what to do. So I took a pen and paper, made a small concept and went to the bank.
After I had convinced my banker to lend me a considerable sum of money, I could finally get started.

I was then allowed to dive deep into the world of the infamous Porsche Club „RGroup“ in over 20 months.

I accompanied them on their trips through the canyons and endless expanses of the Mojave Desert with dozens of old Porsche 911s, filmed and photographed them in pouring rain and unbearable heat, and visited their meetings. I was invited to their home, where we ate, drank and talked shop together. No matter whether it was a million dollar mid-century villa or the simple home of a farmer, the reception was always open and friendly.

So in the end the RBook has become an authentic book full of great fun, quirky rituals and cool lifestyle. It is a book full of acceleration but also deceleration. With pictures and stories that leave a magic and create longing.

The RGruppe book is completely self-published –

I conceived the project idea, compiled the topics, designed a marketing strategy and set up the financing of the whole thing. The additional film, including the film concept, direction and editing, also came from my pen. All photos were created by me and my assistant. Because I had fixed ideas for graphics and texts, but definitely needed support here, I simply got people excited about my idea and brought them on board who had previously made a positive impression on me in other publications. So most of the essays come from Mathias Lösel who is actually a film producer and likes to write in his spare time.
The design took over Studio Collect from Stuttgart. Which consists of 3 talented young graphic artists (2 women 1 man).

The book was deliberately printed and bound in Germany in cooperation with traditional companies.
A largely handmade elaborately embossed cover makes curious about the following 580 pages . The 3 different types of paper divide the book into its themes California Lifestyle, Portraits / Automobiles as well as Club History.
The book is not only a large format coffee table book, but inspires with well narrated essays and well corresponding graphics. It measures 33 X 27 cm and weighs a hefty 5 kilograms.


The Techno Classica in Essen, Germany, is the world’s superlative classic trade fair. Also, this year, the fair came up with special exhibitions. It was a pleasure for me to show a selection of 20 of my large-format fine art motifs in a special exhibition at one of Manfred Hering’s EARLY 911 S’s most exclusive booths.
‚We Are The R Group‘. What could tempt you to wake up early on a Saturday morning and stand in the rain on a small sidestreet in front of a junkyard? For the members of the Porsche R Group such an event is a little bit about cars and a little more about the owners. Or as the ‚dictator‘ of the club, Chris Huergas, would say: „It`s the people, not the cars leave your ego behind“. Film and photo production for the Porsche customer magazine ‚Christophorus‘, the ‚Porsche Newsroom‘ and the ‚Porsche 9:11 Magazine‘.


Film and event documentary ›Porsche Rennsport Reunion‹ for Porsche Deutschland AG.
Exclusive special edition of the Porsche XXL book ‚Porsche Rennsport Reunion‘. These three words stand for the world’s largest meeting of historical Porsche racing cars with more than 60,000 visitors, at the Raceway Laguna Seca in California.

At the end of September, galleries and collectors turned the Shanghai Exhibition Center into the platform for the growing market for photographic art in the Asia-Pacific region for the fifth time. As part of a cooperation with the presenting partner Porsche, I had the opportunity to present fourteen of my motifs in a FineArt exhibition at the ‚Photofairs‘.

Exclusive special edition of the Porsche XXL book ›Porsche Rennsport Reunion‹. Three words stand for the world’s largest meeting with more than 60,000 visitors, historical Porsche racing cars at the Raceway Laguna Seca in California.‘ goes live! In this webshop you´ll find selected pictures of Frank Kayser on FineArt papers in different qualities and designs.
Images up to a maximum format of 150cm X 250cm will be produced in our own print studio.

Porsche and the ‚Petro-Surf Festival‘ on Sylt. Air-cooled Porsche classics meet fearless surfers. Two worlds, a shared attitude to life, tradition, freedom and a spirit of adventure – documentaries in films and pictures.

Porsche 935 – ‚Moby Dick‘ is back! Shooting under strict safety standards for the product literature and the advertising motifs of the legendary Porsche 935. On the occasion of the 70th birthday of the Porsche sports cars, there is a new edition. The reinterpretation of the well-known model is produced in small series and is limited to 77 units.

Exclusive limited and framed FineArt print special series ‚Moby Dick meets Richard Neutra‘, the master architect and representative of the ‚International Style‘.

Porsche Guys Production: On the occasion of the ‚Seventy Years of Porsche Sports Cars‘ anniversary, Porsche celebrates the first international ‚Sportscar Together Day‘, which we documented photographically on site.

The first German edition of the Porsche fan festival ‚Porsche air-cooled‘, originally from the USA, took place on September 16th in Munich. We burned the home game with many ’soulful drivers‘ and their air-cooled sports machines onto our image sensors in a picture report under a white-blue sky.

Audi film and photo production during the 24-hour race week at the Nürburgring. The project ran under the motto ‚Moments on Track‘ featuring Le Mans winner and current DTM Champion René Rast.

Shooting of the exhibition motifs for Alpha Industries for the fashion and lifestyle event Bread & Butter in Berlin.

Exhibition FineArt Gallery at the Techno Classica Fair in Essen : selected motifs from my book ‚Porsche Werkseinsatz: Die großen 24-Stunden-Rennen‘ in cooperation with Porsche AG.

Cooperation with Canon Germany, advertising images and trade fair motifs.


At the end of the season ›Porsche Night of Champions‹: Porsche celebrates its mega-successes in Weissach. Frank Kayser presents Dr Wolfgang Porsche with a custom-made specimen of his book Porsche Werkseinsatz.

Book project Frank Kayser ‚Porsche Werks Team‘. Always up close and personal for over four years. The 24-hour races on the Nürburgring, in Daytona and the actual legend among the Le Mans endurance races. They are one of the toughest tests for man and material – and also for the photo team. For this, 50,000 km had to be covered. We’ve been where other photographers can’t get to and documented Porsche’s work at the Endurance World Championships in more than 1.1 million pictures, of which the best 200 have made it into this exclusive 276-page illustrated book that is now available worldwide.

Audi Sport commissions Frank Kayser to design a signature photo look for the coming years. Conception and development of a universal, new photographic concept and visual language, which will be implemented in future communication both in photography and film internationally.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans. The best sports cars in the world compete on this legendary circuit, which demands everything from drivers and vehicles on the legendary 24-hour high-speed track. Exciting photo documentary and official photo production for Porsche Motorsport, full-page advertising motifs in many major daily newspapers (Süddeutsche Zeitung, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Bildzeitung and the Yomiuri Shimbun, the highest-circulation daily newspaper in the world).

Audi 24h at the Nürburgring photodocumentary accompaniment of the Audi customer racing teams.

Shooting of the cover story for the Porsche customer magazine ›christophorus‹.

Shooting of the cover story for the Porsche customer magazine ‚christophorus‘.
‚Le Trip‘ on the footprints of Steve McQueen. Film project for ‚christophorus‘, the customer magazine of Porsche AG.

Pre Season Marketing Photoshooting for Porsche Motorsport under rigorous safety precautions we exclusively staged the new super sports car Porsche 919 on the race track in Dijon.


Pure action at the Hockenheimring shooting of the Mercedes-AMG billboard motifs. The races with the Mercedes DTM teams are demanding and spectacular.

Porsche Motorsport 2016 Pre Season: The most spectacular 911 of all time. Porsche will approach the 2016 racing season with a completely newly developed GT-Racer Porsche 911 RSR ‚Spearhead‘. Photo production under strictest secrecy for the worldwide Porsche Motorsport ad campaign in Portimão, Portugal.


Porsche advertising motifs and documentary of the Porsche 919 WEC at the Nürburgring.

Porsche Report of the ‚Porsche Rennsport Reunion‘ in Laguna Seca California.

Cover story for the Porsche customer magazine ‚christophorus‘ shooting in Las Vegas.
“A gleaming Panamera wrapped in chrome chauffeurs the blues songstress through the home of her dreams—an adventure of scintillating sound and color through the Las Vegas night and into the morning. From the rear of the car in chrome, Kayy Nova bursts into song, with a voice as powerful and smooth as the engine of the Panamera.

Product literature Shooting for the limited special model Porsche 718 Cayman Clubsport.

Porsche Marketing Production and official documentary for Porsche Motorsport of the 24h at the Nürburgring.

Porsche Marketing Production and official documentation for Porsche Motorsport of the 24 h of Le Mans.

Report of the ›Goodwood Festival of Speed‹ for Porsche Motorsport and ramp Magazine.

Photo reportage Audi TT Cup for Audi Sport.


Mercedes-AMG Editorial Story for the Mercedes-AMG Magazine in Palm Springs with the new AMG GT.

CGI production for the Porsche launch campaign of the new Porsche Motorsport racing models 919 and 911 RSR on the F1 racetrack in Austin, Texas.

Two editorials for the book project ‚911 Love‘ by Delius Klasing Verlag, among others with Chad McQueen and Brett Sloan, produced in Malibu, Palm Springs and New York City.

Editorial for the ramp Magazine: Porsche Le Mans Classic.

A statement of love to the Volkswagen bus. Editorial for the book project ›Bulli Love‹ in cooperation with Volkswagen and Delius Klasing Verlag.

Motives under the slogan ›Legends‹, Frank Kayser solo exhibition Painted pixels FineArt Race Cars, in the Gallery Dockyards in Bremen.


CGI production for the launch literature of the new Citroën DS.

Shooting of the advertising motifs for the international Audi campaign ›Land of quattro‹, produced in Sicily and Andalusia.

Shooting of the launch campaign and product literature for the Citroën Picasso on Location in Spain.

Advertising campaign and billboard motifs for the Porsche LMP1 Endurance Races.

Book monograph ›Driving Crazy – Sportwagen Fotografie Extrem‹ large-format illustrated book, 188 pages, Delius Klasing Verlag.

First exhibition of works and solo exhibition of the book ›Driving Crazy – Sportwagen Fotografie Extrem‹ with numerous exhibits in the Automuseum Prototyp in the Hafen-City Hamburg.


Lamborghini Magazine Editorial production on Sicily in the marble quarries of Custonaci with the Gallardo Facelift and the Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera Edizione Tecnica, limited to 150 pieces.

Editorial ›Audi R8 Nightlines‹ for the Audi Magazine and the limited book special edition ›Audi R8. Built from our strongest ideas‹, awarded the Award of Excellence of the TDC New York, Red dot Communication Design Award.

›We Are Back‹ Shooting in Portugal and Spain for the BMW Motorsport Launch Campaign to re-enter the German Touring Car Championship after 20 years of absence.

BMW Motorsport: complete photographic support of the DTM season, 12 races in total in Europe.


Porsche WEC Launch Campaign for Porsche’s Return to Endurance Racing.

CGI prototype production, Porsche 919 on the world’s most famous F1 circuits: Spa-Francorchamps, Silverstone Circuit, Bahrain International Circuit and Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi.

Editorial for the ramp magazine issue 14 ›Ferrari 458 Italia‹.

Citroën advertising motifs for the worldwide launch campaign and the catalogue for the Citroën DS3.

Editorial for the ramp magazine issue 15 ›Le Mans Classics‹.

Shooting of Porsche AG advertising motifs during the Le Mans 24-hour race.

Citroën WRC Motorsport photo production at the Nürburgring with Sebastian Loeb.

Film production for the Porsche AG: ›Making of Shooting WEC‹.


Shooting the international image campaign for the new megapark ›Ferrari World‹ in Abu Dhabi. Produced in the United Arab Emirates and Italy.

Production of Audi R8 Spyder advertising motifs in the Paris wind tunnel, the ›Office national d’études et de recherches aérospatiales‹ (ONERA).

Editorial motifs for the Audi Magazine: Audi R8 Spyder ›La storia Omertà‹ Shooting in Sicily.

Shooting of several iconographic architectural motifs in New York City for Audi ad motifs.


For the launch of the ›Mercedes-Benz Fleet‹ shooting corporate image campaign, personality photography with icon and tennis legend Roger Federer.

Integrated film and photo production of the M, EX, and G series for Infiniti’s international customer magazine ›adeyaka‹ on the ›Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències‹ complex in Valencia by star architect Santiago Calatrava.


Flying Bulls: Audi R8 vs. Red Bull helicopter ›Bell Cobra TAH-1F‹, a battle in Port Vell, Cargo Port de Barcelona for the Audi R8 book project.

Reportage for the Lamborghini Magazine in the Kazakh Cosmodrome Baikonour of the Russian Space Agency Roskosmos.

Shooting for Via cement tiles advertising motifs of interiors.

Photo production for the Infiniti customer magazine ›adeyaka‹ in Tokyo featuring the brand new SUV Infiniti QX.

Audi Magazine Story featuring Audi TT in Paris and Le Mans.

›Guerilla Shooting‹ photo story with the new Lamborghini Gallardo facelift in Tokyo for the Lamborghini Magazine.

NEFF Interiors Shoots for corporate image campaign NEFF Kitchen Appliances

Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd, photo production for the launch of the Vanquish series for the exclusive and strictly limited ›Vanquish Signature‹ book object in the new factory in Gaydon, which accompanies every new Vanquish.

Fraport AG, production of all main motifs for the corporate image campaign on the premises of Frankfurt Airport.

Shooting of the main motifs for the advertising campaign of the new Volkswagen Scirocco, produced in Portugal.

BMW Magazine Issue 04 | 2008, photo story about the new BMW 1 Series.

Daimler AG Production for the internationally launched corporate marketing campaign ›Lines‹.

Audi Magazine advertising campaign for the new Audi R8 at locations in Great Britain.

Audi Brandbook R8, production of photo series for several chapters in the opulent and large-format book dedicated to the introduction of the new Audi R8.

Audi Magazine, photo reportage showing the ›Red Bull Air Race‹ in San Diego, USA.

Infiniti magazine ›adeyaka‹, CGI production on Iceland, shooting at the most remote locations close to the northern polar circle in the midst of winter.

Zanders Papermakers shooting of the motifs for the new corporate image campaign

ramp magazine launch first issue, two large photo-stories ›Ferrari 458 Italia‹ and ›Dummy Eye Wear Fashion‹.

The legendary motorcycle race ›Isle of Man Formula TT‹: Editorial shooting for the 100th anniversary: Man // Machine // Roads.

Zagato Studio, shooting of the corporate ad motifs and the corresponding editorial for ramp magazine.


Audi shooting for the corporate product literature and advertising campaign for the launch of Audi’s brand new SUV Q5 in Australia’s Outback.

A breathtaking film and photo production with three Gallardos and the prototype of the Murciélago facelift on deck of the aircraft carrier ›Garibaldi‹ of the Italian Marina Militare in their home port in Taranto, for the uncompromising Lamborghini magazine.

Strictly confidental: ›Audi R8 prototype‹ photographic accompaniment in California, South Dakota, Nevada and Colorado.

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Porsche AG/Delius Klasing Verlag


911 Love

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Bulli Love

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Driving Crazy

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