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Porsche: 935
Photoproduction Frank Kayser Photography

Porsche 935

the legendary Porsche 935 Recreation at Richard Neutra`s Mid Century House photographed for Porsche AG

The return of Moby Dick! Frank Kayser photographs the Porsche 935 – the racing car limited to 77 pieces – at the design icon of master architect Richard Neutra and presents exclusive Fine Art Prints.”700 horsepower at 1390 kg live weight promises rocket-like acceleration. Unfortunately only a few people will be able to enjoy this, because the car, limited to 77 pieces, is built by hand in the Weissach Motorsport factory. Well-known Porsche collectors such as Ralph Lauren and Jerry Seinfeld, as well as members of the Porsche family, may, however, have a little more hope of being able to purchase the coveted collector’s item for the price of €850,000.
It was a pleasure to photograph the car under strict safety precautions in a design icon of the master architect Richard Neutra. Numerous pictorial motifs were created that combine the attitude to life and the aesthetics of vehicle and architecture.
The spectacular aerodynamics of the racing car is a completely new development and a homage to the Le Mans racing car Porsche935/78, which was called “Moby Dick” by the fans because of its elongated shape, the massive widenings and the base colour white.