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Porsche AG R Gruppe
Video / Photo Christophorus Magazin


Porsche R Gruppe Merry Band of Misfits
Photo Video Production

hurricane-like gusts, heavy rain doesn’t matter to us
as long as we can bring home exceptionally good pictures, we will be happy to take it all in.
we meet the R Group of one of the most notorious porsche clubs who`s number of members are strictly limited to 300
here you must prove yourself to be allowed to ride in the pack of the sharp porsche

The members of the R Gruppe in California have been indulging their special passion for Porsche for twenty years—and neither the weather nor other people’s opinions make a shred of difference.
we are proud to be part of the party and are looking forward to the mega event in may 2019
the 20 year anniversary of the club will be celebrated extensively and Frank kayser and his team will be part of the party !