Conceptional Photography & Film

PROJECT »theRBook Roadshow 4.0«

from 14.May to 10.July 2023 at Leica Welt  // Factory Headquarter Wetzlar

Leica says “With his photographs from “the RBook”, Frank Kayser combines the best of both worlds. For 16 months, the renowned automotive photographer accompanied the infamous “R Group”, one of the most famous Porsche clubs in California. Kayser documented his experiences and impressions with a Leica. The result is an authentic portrait that is just as uncompromising as the club itself.

His exhibition “The RBook Roadshow” can be seen at Leica Welt from 14 May to 10 July 2023: in the special atmosphere of Café Leitz, in the Museum Shop and on the Campus. On display are not only unique sports cars and shapely designs, but members who preserve the spirit of the early years of motorsport. Working together on their cars and living the Californian dream on the road – no matter where they come from. Even though the brotherhood is strictly limited to 300 members: it is there for everyone. Just as the Porsche brand has been anchored in the heart of society since 1948. Just as Leica has been loved and used by professionals and amateur photographers alike since 1925. This connection is celebrated with the exhibition “The RBook Roadshow” epicentre of the Leica 35mm camera.

Frankayser (born 1967) is one of the world’s most influential contemporary automobile and sports car photographers. Born in Hesse, he has developed a new kind of visual language with his photos that are full of power, but also full of little stories. Kayser combines his shoots like performances, he lives into his motifs and allows thunderous light and radical shadows to appear in his Kayser cosmos. His work is appreciated by all the major car manufacturers and is used above all to position sports cars.”