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the 24H of Le Mans embedded  .Official world wide Photo Campain for Porsche Motorsports Team LMP1.

Behind the scenes head to head with the Racers.

To capture the pain and the glory experienced by the Porsche crew and team competing in the world’s three greatest 24-hour races – Nürburgring, Le Mans and Daytona. In the team of Kayser and Hientzsch, it was Kayser who did the photographic work while Hientzsch compiled the words for the story.  The beginning of the book consists of a collection of images by Kayser, that will take your breath away. I have been covering endurance racing for many years, but Kayser’s eye for the unusual combined with great composition, is simply superb.

New Territories Rhön
Buch Frank Kayser 

work in progress

die Rhön ist meine Heimat. Von hier ging ich fort und kam wieder.Mein neues Buchprojekt erzählt von kleinen und großen Meistern ihrer Zunft. Der Koch Björn Leist und andere Freunde machen Lust auf Entdeckungstour zu gehen. Ein kulinarisches Bilderbuch mit klasse Essays. Die Rhön alt ,neu und anders.



 die Bilder machen doch Lust auf Mehr !   Die Buchveröffentlichung ist für November 2021 geplant

Porsche: 911 RSR
Photoproduction Frank Kayser Photography

a new Spearhead in Porsche`s Range of Race Cars the great Porsche 911 RSR. Another Prototype Car Photo Production for Porsche Motorsport.I was able to set a new photography trend with my “water battle images”.

Porsche Christophorus Magazin  Cover Story
Photo and Videoproduction Frank Kayser Photography

A gleaming Panamera wrapped in chrome chauffeurs the blues songstress through the home of her dreams – an adventure of scintillating sound and color through the Las Vegas night and into the morning. From the rear of the car in chrome, Kayy Nova bursts into song, with a voice as powerful and smooth as the engine of the Panamera.
As she steps lightly across the hot asphalt, her red dress sparkles under the glow of neon lights – beacons of the Las Vegas stages Kayy Nova knows well.

By day, Las Vegas blends in with the dusty landscape of the Mojave Desert. But at night it becomes the city of lights, the city that never sleeps, Sin City. It is home to the one-armed bandits and the sleepless dreamers who pray for the favor of Lady Luck. While some fall under the spell of the casino games, others find themselves enraptured by the displays of tigers, magicians, and dancers.

And what do Las Vegas’s forty million annual visitors have in common? They all revel in this nightly oasis, a mirage of fortune and an escape from daily life. Fantasy is what this city thrives on. After all, it’s a city that doesn’t actually produce anything of its own – other than glamour and glitter, that is.
But there’s another Vegas beyond this fleeting chimera. A Vegas that appeals to the young blues singer Kayy Nova.


Personal Social Medias
Photo S.Y.L.T

this little Island

Sylt (Danish Sild, Frisian Söl) is the largest North Frisian island. It stretches in a north-south direction off the North Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein and …
Length: 38 km
Archipelago: North Frisian Islands
Width: 12,6 km
Waters: North Sea

Porsche AG All Porsche Social Medias
Photo Porsche Newsroom

Ken “the Man”

Ken Hake has managed to make his two greatest passions his profession: surfing and air-cooled Porsche. He is the founder of the fashion label “Marine Machine” and co-initiator of the “Petro-Surf” festival, which took place for the first time on Ken’s home island Sylt in 2018. Surfers and Porsche fans from all over the world came together to cruise, surf and network together.

XYZ Verlag: New Book released early 2020
Photo and Videoproduction Frank Kayser Photography

A Journey along America`s back roads

Lake in Badwater Basin, Death Valley National Park ,Church used as a filming location for Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill films, Vol. I & II (2003, 2004) Where the San Bernardino Mountains meet the Mojave Desert Sand blowing off a crest in the Kelso Dunes of the Mojave Desert Lake Mead provides water for cities in Arizona, California, and Nevada Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Pisgah Crater Lava tube SPJ, Between Barstow and Needles, California Skull Rock, a rock formation in Joshua Tree NP Cholla cactus in bloom at night Warm Springs Natural Area is a natural oasis about 50 mi (80 km) northeast of Las Vegas Orange flowering barrel cactus is very common in the Mojave Desert. Mojave desert,east of San Gorgonio Mountain, California.

Porsche AG Luftgekühlt 6
Video / Photo Porsche Newsroom

“If ever there were a weekend to get lost in the weeds of Porsche nerd-dom, this is it. The sum total of knowledge of the brand, its cars, and its history found within the confines of this show could fill tomes, and probably surpasses what Porsche corporate knows about its own brand, cars, and history. The cars are ancillary, a facility for all of the incredible people to join together in a shared enthusiasm. That’s what makes this a must-attend on my calendar every year.

Audi AG Audi Sport
Video / Photo Fashion Week Paris

Audi RS5 Fashion at the Week Paris

the fastet Cab in town. the beautiful Audi RS 5 was the perfect transport for our Top Models.they needed to get from one Fashion Show to the next as fast as possible.Fast, chic and always glamorous. This applies to Fashion Week Paris as well as to AUDI. At the city on the Seine, the most important fashion shows of the world-famous design stars take place in the shortest distances and at locations as diverse as they are stunning, scattered all over the beautiful metropolis. What could be closer for some of the top models than to be escorted through the hustle and bustle of the big city by an experienced chauffeur in one of the world’s most elegant sports coupés, the AUDI RS5 ? FRANK KAYSER was responsible for the script and direction of AUDI SPORT’s many social channel spots and photographed a vibrant city story in a contemporary look over the same period.


Porsche: 935
Photoproduction Frank Kayser Photography

the legendary Porsche 935 Recreation at Richard Neutra`s Mid Century House photographed for Porsche AG

The return of Moby Dick! Frank Kayser photographs the Porsche 935 – the racing car limited to 77 pieces – at the design icon of master architect Richard Neutra and presents exclusive Fine Art Prints.”700 horsepower at 1390 kg live weight promises rocket-like acceleration. Unfortunately only a few people will be able to enjoy this, because the car, limited to 77 pieces, is built by hand in the Weissach Motorsport factory. Well-known Porsche collectors such as Ralph Lauren and Jerry Seinfeld, as well as members of the Porsche family, may, however, have a little more hope of being able to purchase the coveted collector’s item for the price of €850,000.
It was a pleasure to photograph the car under strict safety precautions in a design icon of the master architect Richard Neutra. Numerous pictorial motifs were created that combine the attitude to life and the aesthetics of vehicle and architecture.
The spectacular aerodynamics of the racing car is a completely new development and a homage to the Le Mans racing car Porsche935/78, which was called “Moby Dick” by the fans because of its elongated shape, the massive widenings and the base colour white.